Basements are inherently prone to flooding. They are, by definition, the lowest level of a building, typically built below ground level. Thus, basement flooding is usually caused by seepage or flow through the walls or foundation floor, or from surface water sources. Causes of basement flooding may be numerous but the actual and real solution to it is provided by the Sump Pump Systems which are considered the safest and best defense against all basement flooding.

A Sump Pump is a small pump installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace. Its job is to help keep the area under the building dry and prevent it from flooding. Usually, sump pumps are installed in specially constructed sump pits which collect the water before discharging it to a chosen location. Water flows into the sump pit through drains or by natural water migration through the soil.

Factors Considered Before Installing Sump Pump System

The sump pump’s job is to pump the water out of the pit and away from the building or into the home’s drainage pipe system so the basement or crawlspace stays dry. Thus, before installing a Sump Pump System or before suggesting a solution to the basement flooding, Dry-X professionals evaluate the amount of water you generally get in the basement when it rains, the water level of the area, overall length and height of the discharge line, and optimum discharge location(s) so water will not run back against the foundation.

sump-pumps for basement flooding by Dry-X Waterproofing

These factors and whether the pump will be used with a perimeter drainage system will determine the proper type and size of the sump pump for your home’s protection. Dry-X provides a wide range of HP sump pumps from renowned makers like Storm Pro, Wayne and Zoeller. We have got the most experienced and one of the most qualified service men and consultants around the area to install a new Sump Pump into your basement.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Guaranteed satisfaction and complete peace of mind are the additional advantages that come with Dry-X services along with quality products. All the pumps installed by Dry-X come with five- year or with a lifetime warranty. The organization also replaces all the faulty pumps with a brand new pump if anything goes wrong with the installed pump and if it is under warranty cover.