One of the challenges that many homeowners face is basement waterproofing. Basement waterproofing will let you do many things in your basement with the first one of having a basement for whatever purpose you may decide. One of the leading basement waterproofing contractors in New York is Dry-X Waterproofing, a company that is committed to excellent customer service and care. Waterproofing a basement efficiently when it is first built will ensure that it will last for a long time. We use state-of-art basement waterproofing system and basement waterproofing products to keep you’re a basement dry. Our experienced basement waterproofing contractors will have no trouble in determining the cause of a wet basement. He can spot the signs of leakage or cracking and he knows where black mold is likely to grow.

The best defense against a wet, leaky basement is contacting Dry-X Basement Waterproofing. Customers are extremely pleased with the waterproofing service provided by Dry-X as we deliver a very good job and use awesome waterproofing products. We provide a wide array of options to suit every customer’s need. To waterproof your basement we use the best waterproofing products. Our quality basement contractors will be able to advise you on the best course of action to fix your leaky basement. We will inspect your basement and inside and out for any problems and propose a variety of remedies and the best possible solution.

Dry-X waterproofed basement Experience

  • A Transferable Lifetime Warranty for Basement Waterproofing Systems
  • Sub-Floor Pressure Relief Waterproofing
  • Concrete and Dirt Crawl Space Solutions in New York

Waterproofing is an essential consideration for anyone who is building a basement which they intend to use for storage or habitable accommodation. The best defense against a wet, leaky basement is contracting Dry-X Basement Waterproofing. Customers are extremely pleased with the Dry-X Waterproofed basement experience. Dry-X Waterproofing can be a great help because they can find the actual source of your water problem and determine the type of basement repair that home needs. Basement waterproofing is normally applied to basements whose structural condition is prone to water seepage. As an experienced service provider, Dry-X waterproofing offers dependable, professional service that will solve these moisture issues. As an experienced service provider, we take the time to do a comprehensive inspection of your basement and provide you with the best repair options.